December Challenge


Here is December’s “Oh Stitch” Challenge! Pick a snow one or all….crop or enlarge…make it funky!! If it is warm where you are..make it colorful and artistic…think out of the box!! Come join us at the Oh Stitch page. :)

November Challenge


For our November “Oh Stitch” Challenge we are going to be stitching Poppies! Poppies are used to commemorate soldiers who have died in war.
There are a lot of possibilities to use this image. Chop it up, crop it, use one or two of the shapes..lots of ideas!! Come join our group!

October Challenge


The October “Oh Stitch” challenge is here. We are investigating gourds in stitching.
There are a lot of possibilities to use this image. Chop it up, crop it, use one or two of the shapes..lots of ideas!! 

Remember to join our Oh Stitch group on Facebook!!

September Challenge

Fall is coming up here in the USA and for the September Challenge it was suggested we do leaves! I am posting several different types of leaves for you to choose from. Use one or more in your stitching!!


Remember to join our Oh Stitch group on Facebook!!

August Challenge

In honor of school starting back up here in the USA, we will be doing a design that reflects that!! I have been can change this around…for example…have the little girl (or you can make it a boy) be holding something other than a rabbit….maybe a large alligator…or the hand of a zombie!!! Think out of the box and have fun!!
(thanks to Peggy Macklin’s daughter for the cute drawing) 


July Challenge

I have been planting flowers the last few weeks and thought we needed a floral design for the challenge. :)


June Challenge

Summer is upon us here in the USA, so this month’s challenge is shells! You can pick and choose which shell you would like to stitch, or maybe all of them.

  • shells

May Challenge

I saw this image and thought it would be a great challenge…I hate wearing high heel shoes…but there is something sculptural about them. Sorry the drawing isn’t sharper.


April Challenge

I am in that beach mode right now. Spring is here in South Carolina and I have a yearning to road trip to the Carolina coast. So, the next best thing is working on a turtle!!  Remember to post your photos in the Flickr group and the Oh Stitch group!!!


March Challenge

I had done a cow embroidery a couple of years ago and have wanted to do another one. This time I thought it would be cool to see how others interpret the bovine.  Remember to post your photos in the Flickr group and the Oh Stitch group!!!



February Challenge

Looking through all of my clip art books, I found some really neat images to use for the challenges. Here is  one that we all can get behind…a hot cup of coffee or tea!  Remember you can make this any size and use it in any way..just as long as you use this image. Have fun stitch’in!


January 2014 Challenge

I have a thing for chairs, so I thought I would start the first Oh Stitch Challenge with a chair!! This is how the challenge works. You take this image and stitch it anyway you like. You can also manipulate the image too…like painting it, applique it, etc. You can use any type of background too…so let your creativity flow! When you finish your image, please post it in the Flickr group that I have set up. 



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